tiny coffins

by scab queen

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Recorded in a server room, laundromat, punk-house combo. Mixed in an early 40's apartment.

Sequencing, arrangements & artwork by Michael Lauden. Mastered at The Glow Recording Studio by Jesse Mangum.


released January 20, 2013


Got a lotta good natured folks on this here'n album. (credits on individual track descriptions)



all rights reserved


scab queen Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Putin


::muffled laughs::

This is a really bad place to do this....

Okay, I wanted to talk a little bit about Hurricane "Irene".

I understand that is causing quite a bit of damage on the East Coast and that... It killed twelve people. I'm sure if it killed that many it probably injured quite a few.

Apparently, some people in our town are losing power. I still have power.

Ummm. We lost cable, so no internet or anything even though I could drive in this weather... It's not that bad.

It's not hunting season, Carly!

Track Name: Enceladus


And when what had passed lied in the street the people rose up through the buildings with tiny faces.

Streets turned their shoulders away from the giant sky

and mumblings of machines, provincing the bedside table.

I sometimes think of you in a darkened room: sitting next to a bed, face half-lit by the silvered dreams of youth.

You went out, past bridges, read books, touched bodies and kept to yourself. The city explodes, spires, peregrines. First soft train maples on the rails. Here there could be no other word, endure.

The old storms climb their stairs and canvas the same old world—peopled and glassed in anxiety.

A red letter seizes another sleepless night. And who were you for all that wishing? Regret breeds desire, and the sea of truth I would rather not visit.

Town, old with rain. Glowing red house. Envious beds.

We’ll never sleep in.

Written by: Patrick Norris